Andreas Dutzi, M.A., C.Ht

A long history of helping others...

Andy has been in the business of helping throughout his long career. As a teacher, coach, aviator and now a hypnotherapist he has inspired many. His humanistic approach will ease, calm and nurture you into a place where self healing can occur. 

About Andreas Dutzi, M.A., C.Ht

Andreas  Dutzi, M.A., C.Ht. completed his college education in his homeland of  Austria. He attended the prestigious University of Vienna, the alma mater of another famous hypnotherapist, Sigmund Freud.

With a love for both  academics and athletics as a student, Andy  excelled in both, achieving a  Master’s Degree in Psychology with  specialization in Sports. This was  useful for him early in his career  as he became a successful Olympic Downhill Skiing Coach. Another  calling was his  love for aviation and aeronautics which led to a career  as an  international airline pilot and then FAA certified senior  teacher. This  is a special credential that he continues to hold.

His love and skill for  helping people date back to his studies in  Austria and continue with his  bringing his special talents with  Hypnotherapy  to the Coachella Valley.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Dutzi directly to schedule an appointment or to see if hypnotherapy may be of help for you.

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Announce coming events...

For the new year we have a weight loss and management program that will help anyone and everyone who desires to lose weight. 

New Years resolutions...

If you have made New  Years  resolutions in the past and have not achieved your goals... Or, if you are motivated but need some advise or help in focusing or with motivation... Then, do not hesitate to contact Andy and schedule an appointment.

Contact Andy to discuss making effective changes in your life.

Andreas Dutzi, M.A., C.Ht.

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